About Imoya

Imoya creates modern and unique housing developments. Developments that make a new wind blow through the neighbourhood. Homes that herald a new life. That is why your life and your dreams are at the centre. Why the name? Imoya was named after the Brazilian goddess Oya. She represents wind, power and positive change.

Imoya develops properties that you have been waiting for: well situated, affordable and sustainable. Because living is life, we attach a great deal of importance to expressing your likes and preferences by means of bespoke finishing by craftsman.

Imoya is a part of the Dorian Group. The Dorian Group supports and develops people oriented enterprises. Read more about the Dorian Group.

What makes us different

Fast and meticulous project follow-up

Your time is valuable. You will receive all the relevant information about the progress of the construction works. We will involve you fully in the decision-making.

It’s your dream home

Our approach is personal and hands-on, with complete focus on the fittings chosen by you. Professional advisors will help you make the best choice for your budget.

Our partners/contractors are selected with care

We negotiate competitive prices. This means that when it comes to finishing our properties, Imoya can achieve more with the same budget, or an even lower budget.

Our word is our bond

 We say what we will do, and we do what we say. We want our clients’ confidence in us to be well deserved.

Energy efficient

 The Passive House standard will soon be a statutory requirement across Europe. That is why Imoya is already building sustainable homes that use minimal energy. You will save on energy bills while enjoying the right indoor temperature all year round.

Selected projects