Imoya is not your average property developer

We always choose projects with great precision, where there is a story that we can develop from A to Z. Projects where there is opportunity to also write new stories. All with a passion for our heritage, respect for local communities and an awareness of the future possibilities of construction.

Reconversion of religious and historical real estate

Connecting the present with the past through the reconversion of religious and historical real estate

The redevelopment of historic and religious real estate is an important part of Imoya's identity. It is our way of giving back to society. Due to social change, many of these kinds of building are becoming vacant. We do not think that demolishing these buildings and constructing something new is a sustainable approach to project development. It does not fit our philosophy, as we strongly believe in 'reconversion', by which we mean repurposing buildings by giving them a new function, such as a living and/or working space, and thereby connecting the present with the past.

Urban core development

Connecting each project to its surroundings through urban core development

Open, green space is becoming increasingly scarce within our contemporary society. We need to cherish and preserve these places. A strongly developed city centre can contribute to this. Based on this philosophy, we develop projects right in the city centre, located near many shops, close to public transport, etc. In this way, the city centre becomes a place from which people can easily organise their lives and we can contribute to an oxygen-rich environment for everyone.

Intergenerational care sites

Connecting different generations through our intergenerational care sites

With our in-house expertise and knowledge of the healthcare sector, we build projects for both the young and slightly less young. As the ageing population will continue to increase in the coming years, we also want to provide adapted housing infrastructure for the elderly. By combining this type of housing with homes for young people and families, we create a unique community of different age groups.

Imoya is part of the Dorian Group

Imoya is part of the Dorian Group, a family investment group with a passion for people-oriented entrepreneurship and connecting. Its companies are active in various sectors with a focus on living, working and relaxing. Together they create added value for all stakeholders and society as a whole.

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